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Divorce Services

Late Bloom Divorce provides individuals, couples, mediators, and attorneys with financial expertise during divorce. With advanced training in all financial aspects of divorce including pension valuation, marital vs. separate property, and tax optimization of settlements, we can design creative settlement solutions that make financial sense for both parties. Get divorce financial planning expertise when you need it most.

Divorce Financial Analysis 

You can engage our Divorce Financial Planning services a few different ways. We can be a financial neutral to assist a divorcing couple going through mediation. We can be a financial neutral assisting both parties in a collaborative divorce process. We can be a financial advocate to support you as you go through a collaborative, mediated or litigated divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without going to court.

In Collaborative Practice:

  1. The parties sign a collaborative participation agreement describing the nature and scope of the matter;

  2. The parties voluntarily disclose all information which is relevant and material to the matter that must be decided;

  3. The parties agree to use good faith efforts in their negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement;

  4. Each party must be represented by a lawyer whose representation terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding;

  5. The parties may engage mental health and financial professionals whose engagement terminates upon the undertaking of any contested court proceeding; and

  6. The parties may jointly engage other experts as needed.

The Collaborative Divorce process recognizes that there are emotional, financial, and legal aspects to every divorce. Both spouses are given the tools they need to make good decisions for themselves and their family. Each spouse works with a collaboratively trained lawyer and are joined with a mental health professional serving as a coach, a child specialist and financial neutral all working together on a team.

Nicole Brown-Griffin is trained by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals as a neutral financial professional in Collaborative Divorce matters and is affiliated with Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Tidewater

Post Divorce Financial Coaching 

Just when you think you’re done and the ink is dry on your final documents, the next steps can be rather daunting. Opening new accounts, moving and retitling assets, name changes, are just a few of the remaining things to complete. Does your QDRO or RBCO need an additional review? Let us be your partner to make sure that everything flows smoothly when the time comes to claim your portion of the property settlement.

Financial Planning & Investment

Through our sister firm, Late Bloom Advising, we offer comprehensive financial planning & portfolio management services. We create financial plans that look at your present financial situation and set realistic and attainable goals. We invest in an Outside Manager that provides industry leading technology to  manage your portfolio. We assist clients in selecting an appropriate allocation model, completing an Outside Manager’s investor profile questionnaire, interacting with the Outside Manager, and reviewing the Outside Manager.

Set in Six!

For cordially divorcing couples, you’ll complete this 6 step process:

One-on-One: We will schedule individual sessions with each party to further discuss your goals and answer your questions. We will then review the documents you have gathered to be submitted via our secure, online shared storage.  

Blooming You Strategy Session: Our engagement concludes with a discussion of how to successfully execute your settlement to encourage financially strong individual households.

Divorce Financial Analysis: We will perform the divorce financial analysis which entails data entry, simulation of different settlement scenarios, and report preparation for a joint negotiation meeting.

Ready to Bloom Strategy Session: Our first meeting will explore where you’re at in the divorce process, understand your concerns, what each party is seeking to accomplish, and answer your questions. You will also receive a list of documents we will need to start working on your case. 

Presentation of Analysis: We schedule a 2-hour presentation/negotiation session where we present our findings and offer one or more settlement options to consider. We work with you until all aspects of your settlement are decided.

Finalizing: Document preparation and filing by a Certified Legal Document Preparer. The entire process can be completed quite seamlessly. And you never see a judge or a court room.

Are you interested in a Blooming You Strategy Session but haven’t worked with us during your divorce? Schedule time to learn more about your stand alone Blooming You session below.

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Let us help you have a different kind of divorce. No need to waste thousands of dollars in a court battle. We will contact you to set up your complimentary 'Ready to Bloom' or 'Blooming You' Strategy Session.

In Your Ready to Bloom Strategy Session We’ll:

  • Explore your divorce options and get clear on the right solution for your situation

  • Discuss your financial situation and explore creative settlement possibilities

  • Map out a plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life

  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them

  • Connect you with any other resources you’ll need in your process

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