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5 Wonderful Things About Life After Divorce

When you’re going through the divorce process, it can be really difficult to see the sunshine through the trees but let’s face it, if you’re getting a divorce it’s because you believe that you can be happier if you’re not married. Let me share some of the upsides of life after divorce.


How many years has it been since you’ve actually had time all to yourself?? No kids, no spouse, no responsibilities. Wow! What are you going to do with yourself? It may take a while to stop feeling lonely but now’s the time to take a class that has piqued your interest, start or restart a hobby, or check out some local meetup groups. It will be a great way to start to find your way back to yourself.

#2 – SPACE

You no longer have to share the bathroom, the garage, the kitchen, etc. It will feel so nice not to have to clean up after another adult!


There is nothing better than totally sprawling across a queen or king size bed to sleep. Not to mention if you were married to a snorer the peace and quiet is such a treat!


You could spend all day watching Say Yes to The Dress, NCIS, Harry Potter, and HGTV! Or sports if that’s your thing.


Almost every couple that divorced had some kind of conflict over finances. While it’s really nice not to have to battle, make sure you are making good decisions for your own personal finances.

Now is your chance to make the most of your second or third phase. Define your silver lining and make it count!!

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